Motivational Speaker Mentor and Social Activist



As a motivational speaker and mentor, Naveen exudes a magical blend of information and inspiration. His presentations are served up with high energy and a humility based approach that appeals to everyone.

Diverse Life Experiences. Diverse Audiences.

Naveen’s audiences have been as diverse as his own life experiences. No matter whether he is fostering self-realization among student groups or opening a dialogue about company-wide obstacles to growth, SNaveen often stresses the importance of living a purpose – driven life – a lesson he learned firsthand. In leading international teams and collaborating with individuals across cultures, Naveen learned an important lesson: his purpose was directly linked to inspiring others to find their own.

Naveen has worked as a Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker and as an Inspirational Speaker with clients from his native India. He creates keynote speeches, hands-on workshops and a variety of custom programs on topics such as Leadership, Team Building Innovation, Sales Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Teacher Motivation & Youth Motivation. Regardless of the event, his first step is always the same: learning about his audience – what drives them and what challenges them – and designing the ideal program to meet their objectives. Whether your goal is to re-invigorate your business, empower your students or unlock your potential, Naveen can give you the tools you need to make your goals a reality.

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